Miniaturized High-Power Intelligent Chargers

Power :


Features :

RPB/DBU series: Enclosed type charger
RCB/DBR series: Rack type charger

High power density up to 37W/inch3

Built-in I2C interface, PMBus protocol (Optional CANBus protocol)

Output voltage/current, 2 or 3 stage charging curve, and timeout can be programmed through SBP-001

Charging voltage 75%~125% (10.8~18V,21.6~36V, 43.2~72V) can be adjusted via external 1~5Vdc

Charging current 20~100% can be adjusted via external 1~5Vdc

Built-in OR-ing FET, support hot swap (RCB-1600 and DBR-3200 series only)

Active current sharing up to 25600W

Protections: Battery under voltage, battery disconnect, short circuit, over voltage, over temperature

Suitable for lead-acid and lithium batteries

5 years warranty